In today's rapidly changing world, medicine is not only changing but also expanding. The delivery of optimal patient care is dependent upon medical practitioners staying abreast of these changes as well as maintaining their current skills. One of the challenges facing medical practitioners in our industry is sufficient exposure to, and participation in, emergency medical procedures. This pilot Continuing Medical Education Incentive Program has focused on assessing active participation in emergency drills and retesting within a six month period, thus quantifying to what degree these skills have been retained. If successful, this program would be expanded to encompass the learning of new information and skills sets.


The challenge in maintaining current, the present skills and knowledge of medical staff is not unique to the petroleum industry. There are however obvious differences between medical staff servicing a petroleum company, where exposure to patient care is diluted buy non medical duties, and those of a hospital, for instance. In a non medical environment, the medical practitioners are often called upon to perform many diverse non-medical duties in addition to those of their core profession. A lack of motivation and enthusiasm to participate in once familiar routine procedures has been observed. Being able to quantify emergency response in a drill has been welcomed by senior medical supervisors, as a useful metric upon which staffing decisions can then be based.

The Continuing Medical Education Incentive Program addresses the above concerns with positive reinforcements to perform well and retain skills. The scoring of performance also serves as a valuable tool in helping assess strengths and weaknesses of individuals, suitability for working in remote locations and general motivation for self improvement.The scope of the initial education program was limited to satisfactory performance, as a team leader, of an emergency cardiac arrest drill and included the entire medical staff of our operations in East Kalimantan.

Following successful completion of the first module, expansion of the program content is planned by adding other educational courses and drills in accordance with the needs of the company and locations.

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