In 1997, three years before the production of gas and condensate went on-line in the Yetagun Field of the Andaman Sea in territorial waters of the Union of Myanmar, the start of the Yetagun Socio-Economic Development Program represented the collective commitment and vision of Yetagun Joint Venture Partners. The objective is to improve the social and economic condition of local residents in the onshore pipeline corridor of operations and the country as a whole.

The Yetagun Socio-Economic Development Program has been implementing a series of complementary programs to address the most essential health, education and income generating needs of disadvantaged communities, especially women and children.

The Yetagun Socio-Economic Development Program has reached over 150,000 beneficiaries. Immediate and measurable improvements in the quality of life for thousands of beneficiaries have also strengthened the capacity and empowered communities with the knowledge, skills and tools to achieve long-term and sustainable impact for generations to come.

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