PT. Caltex Pacific Indonesia (CPI) is strongly committed to maintaining a clean environment for nearby communities while providing safe and healthy working conditions for its workers and business partners. While operational standards and regulations have improved since operations began in 1952, a variety of incidents over the years have caused soil in some of the surrounding areas to be contaminated with crude oil. CPI is applying bioremediation techniques to mitigate this impact.

Bioremediation is a batch process utilizing microbial digestion of hydrocarbons to clean up soil contaminated with crude oil. Bioremediation land farming was selected because it is a cost effective method, it complies with Government of Indonesia (GOI) regulatory requirements and it is a technology with proven success for producing an end product which is safe to be utilized for re-vegetation and landfill within certain restrictions for areas within Minas Field. The process involves excavation of the soil, hauling the material to Soil Bioremediation Facilities (SBFs) where it is spread and processed (land farmed) by tilling (aeration), irrigated, fertilized with nutrients (fertilizer), monitored regularly by analyzing soil samples for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbon (TPH). Once the TPH meets levels within acceptable concentrations stated in GOI regulation, the soil is removed from the sites and redistributed in predetermined areas based on specific criteria. The average cycle time of this complete process is 5 months.

In CPI's Minas field alone, 5 bioremediation sites are operated continuously providingfor a processing capacity of 45,000 cubic meters of soil per year resulting in approximately 150,000 m3 of soil being processed between 1997 to today. During this time CPI made great strides in improving the process through creating more sites, trying different equipment and operating methods. However, CPI continues to seek new innovations and research to increase efficiency, reduce overall cycle time and increase capacity.

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