Many oil and gas organizations have grappled with the best way to show visible leadership necessary for sustained safety performance.

Over the past 3 years, EDN has worked with a number of Operators and Contractors to develop and implement an HSE Leadership Development Program designed to develop leaders’ skills to integrate safety into their work and build confidence and competence to lead their people in improving safety outcomes. In effect, become visible leaders for safety.

The HSE Leadership Development Program begins by developing a greater understanding of the organization's safety vision and values and then exploring and experiencing leadership, team behaviors and skills necessary to achieve safe work outcomes. It ends with participants developing action plans that are revisited shortly after the Program ends with coaching to extend learning and assist in the plan's implementation.

The Program provides feedback for each participant that is prepared as a result of behavioral observations made during the Program by trained observers. The feedback is focused on specific HSE Leadership Competencies, including:

  • An ability to describe the organization's business context and how HSE features in business success.

  • An ability to integrate safety systems with all other business systems to ensure their seamless application in the workplace.

  • An ability to create a work environment and culture where people freely and willingly participate in planning and implementing plans for improved productive and safe work outcomes.

This paper will expand on the structure of this Program and results achieved thus far.

The paper and presentation will cover the development of the HSE Leadership Development Program since its inception in BP to its various forms in other organizations.

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