The international community encourages fully use of natural gas, which is used to replace coal and "makes good inadequate oil with gas". It is expected that by the year of 2020, natural gas production will be increased from 25% to 40% in present energy structure in the whole world. And its rapid and stable development period could last for 40~50 years and it will be one of the most important energy sources in the preliminary period of time in the 21st century. At present, 40%~50% of natural gas resources are accumulated in scattered and remote medium and small-scale natural gas fields in the world. Since these gas fields are usually located in remote and frontier areas, transporting the natural gas, light hydrocarbons and CO2 resources of these areas by pipeline is not reasonable in regard to economy, technology and HSE.

In this paper, appropriate technical measures for separation, treatment, storage, transportion and utilization of natural gases are proposed aimed respectively at medium and small quantity of gas resources. The recovered natural gas and CO2 can be reinjected into oil wells in order to improve oil recovery efficiency. In addition, CO2 can be utilized to treat wastewater containing of CaCl2 to reduce environmental pollution. Some wastewater can be utilized to produce gas hydrate in order to store and transport gas resources.

In summary, flexible measures are needed in gas separation, treatment, storage, transportation and utilization on the basis of gas quantity, which will provide resources guarantee for fully utilizing available resources and obtaining maximum benefits.

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