The traditional wireline formation evaluation tool has been redesigned to provide a driller friendly' tool providing standard log readings. Platform Express (PEx), the new design, integrates sensors used for formation evaluation into a short, highly reliable and efficient logging system. In addition, the new design allows for more robust measurements with higher resolution to be logged at a much higher speed than was possible in the past.

The new generation equipment is less than half the length and weight of the triple-combo equipment making setup and calibration of the tool much faster and safer. Through the use of integrated sensors, flex joints that improve pad contact, and other innovative technology, not only traditional triple-combo resistivity and porosity measurements can be collected, but also high-resolution micro-resistivity and imaging measurements, plus tool movement measurements for speed correction and depth matching. The hardware has been designed to meet LWD shock standards. This results in greatly improved reliability with as many as three times the number of jobs between failures as previously attained. Re-engineering of the sensors allows twice the logging speed while delivering better data than the previous generation tool.

This paper will present the results of operations and logs since the equipment's introduction in Indonesia. Setup and logging times are compared with those of the conventional tool string and several log examples are discussed to show the benefits of the new logging system both in terms of wellsite efficiency and more robust data acquisition.

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