In recent years, extended reach drilling technology has been successfully used to develop marginal offshore oilfields in other part of the world. This encouraged the field operator Phillips China Inc and its partners China Offshore Oil Nanhai East Corp and Pecten Orient Oil Co. in South China Sea to apply this technology to develop a marginal field named XJ 24-1 which is located about 8 km from an existing platform – XJ 24-3. The XJ 24-1 field was discovered in late 1985. Attempts have been made to jointly develop it with existing fields by either unmanned satellite platform or subsea completion but these concepts were uneconomical due to the size of the field. The feasibility of the project was questionable from inception since the XJ 24-3-A14 well was a unique operation and limited resources were available in South East Asia. Through the team's dedication and perseverance, this project was completed on time and below budget and even exceeded some forecasts on reaching targets. This well was drilled and completed by June 10, 1997 in a total of 101 days reaching a TD at 9,238 m MD with 8,063 m of horizontal displacement.

World records set on this well were:

  1. Longest horizontal displacement (8,063 m)

  2. Deepest real time transmission of the MWD/LWD data (9,106m)

A series of new technologies specifically developed for extended reach wells have been successfully applied on this well. This paper describes the case history on planning, drilling and completing the world record extended reach well.

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