Interbedded formations cause difficulty when selecting a drill bit for optimum section performance. Hard stringers require bit features that conflict with those required for softer homogeneous formations. Limited by conventional technology, this culminates in the selection of a bit too heavy set to maximise penetration rates through the soft formation or too light set to drill the hard stringers. This paper describes a unique combination of PDC bit technologies that provide a solution to consistently drill interbedded formations without compromising bit selection. The unconventional design consists of features to maintain high penetration rates in soft formations and the stability and life required to pierce through hard stringers.

The technologies are combined on a steel bit body. The nature of this material allows its fundamental engineering properties to be exploited to produce extreme features that cannot be achieved using matrix powder technology. This material is the cornerstone that expands the design and manufacture windows for conventional PDC bit technologies.

Soft formations imply high penetration rates: the technologies developed are a novel hydraulic arrangement, bit face design, cutter size and usable diamond volume. Hard stringers require high stability in order to maintain bit life by preventing premature component failure. Technologies developed are conventional anti-whirl theory, localised cutter placement to extend bit life and an innovative low friction gauge pad that spans two blades and encloses a junkslot.

The case history demonstrates the significant performance improvement that can be achieved through interbedded formations by combining innovative PDC bit technologies. The study examines the development of the 12 1/4, section in the Tunu Field, Indonesia.

The continual development of the project is discussed including a lighter set variant to complete the same application and the successful translation of the design philosophy into a slimhole program.

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