Four years ago (IADC/SPE-191099) the move was clear on floating rigs​; to have them fully equipped with a Complete MPD package, the economic justification was very strong. Currently, there are around 20 floating rigs with a Complete MPD package, permanently installed. For Jack-Ups, however, the same move started only recently, with a few rigs now equipped with a Complete MPD package, using the same philosophy applied to a floating rig. The paper initially describes the success obtained by the Complete MPD​ floating rigs, not only from an economic, but also from a technical point of view, with operations in Australia, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. Having the MPD package permanently installed and ready to use, operators are now deploying MPD for the total well construction process, with a rig crew competent in running the MPD system, from spud to the T.D. of the well. This includes running casing/liner, cementing and, also, completions. The paper outlines the benefits and advantages for both the operators and drilling contractors, showing they are significant. Companies are taking advantage of having the MPD system on the rig and being able to maximise the full benefits.

With all the success seen on floating rigs​, operators start​ed to realize the benefits of using the same approach for Jack-Ups, building on previous experience with temporary MPD installations on Jack-Ups, ​learning from what worked and what did not work. The paper de​scribes the recent Complete MPD Jack-Up installation in Norway ​(implemented under the new MPD NORSOK requirements, which made it even more challenging​), the success achieved with the first wells drilled, and how the economics will work for the Jack-Up market, in the same way it works for the floater market. The technical benefits are the same, as the system used on the Jack-Up is equivalent and has the same features of the systems used on the floating rigs.

The paper finally addresses the Asia Pacific market, which is dominated by Jack-Up rigs over floaters. The economic, technical, HSE and logistical benefits make it an appealing proposition to have a Complete MPD Jack-Up rig, and they are all discussed in detail. An example is used with a Jack-Up operating in the region, clearly demonstrating its similarity to a floating rig when adopting the same Complete MPD Rig approach.

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