Current rig acceptance workflow practiced by many operators globally has been inefficient and this gap has been apparent for years. Redundancy, accountability issues and resource wastages can be quite complicated. In a typical workflow, the issues encountered include lack of accountability by inspectors toward item closure, inability to generate snapshots of current status, limited access, and an unfit sharing process. Report formats are not standardized across different disciplines hence the experience is not seamless as there is no one-stop center to view aviation, marine, and HSE inspection items. The digitalization of rig acceptance workflow can help to overcome these pain points by having a single platform to allow multidiscipline parties to keep tabs on rig activation status and updates throughout company-wide operations globally during the rig acceptance process. This initiative introduces a much leaner and more seamless method of conducting rig acceptance. Migrating the manual paper-based workflow to a web-based one-stop center for all things related to rig acceptance (i.e., marine, rig, HSE, and aviation) is the main strategy. It grants the ability for inspectors and designated personnel to insert comments for each finding as well as the ability for inspectors to assign and edit severity levels for each finding. The single platform approach allows the possibility to link up the other checklist and findings on the same system and immediately reduce the redundancy of certain items that is similar to other checklists, which can be streamlined online. Therefore, implementation of this Digital Rig Acceptance Workflow (DRAW) solution can produce a user-friendly online platform to allow inspectors, project teams, management, and rig equipment subject matter experts to access the system anywhere, anytime. DRAW allows status updates and clarifications to be communicated via a single platform. It utilizes data input to produce actionable insights hence generating direct business value via improving process cycle efficiency in a project's well life cycle.

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