InSight is the corrosion-wise monitoring tool that aims for facilitating the engineers in input data consolidation and corrosion analysis. By using the Robot Process Automation (RPA) digital tool and Business Intelligent (BI) tools, this time-consuming process will be dramatically expedited. Now, the project scope is only to analyze and monitor field integrity e.g., surface piping and downhole well tubing. However, it can be scaled up to other applications and business areas.

RPA on the engineering software requires detailed steps and layers of commands. Developing the new RPA engine is a more flexible and generic way to manipulate the engineering software. The well test data stored in the database was linked to the on-premises server in which the RPA engine and corrosion simulation were deployed and installed. After daily data arrived, the RPA will be automatically run and transfer the result of the corrosion analysis back into the database. BI tool then pulls the data from the database and visualizes the analysis result, also has an alarm function to responded parties.

InSight has been developed by PTTEP since 2020. RPA engine for two corrosion simulations was completely deployed namely PRECORR and OLI. Now running corrosion simulation is easy with just one click and over a thousand cases can be run within a day. Generally, this corrosion simulation via RPA is 9 times faster than the human. The engineers will then have more time to focus on data quality verification and the data analytics of the simulation result. The tool is quite flexible for the users. The data pulled from the daily database can be manually selected and corrected. In addition, a sensitivity analysis can be designed. Likewise, the result visualization can be customized. Subsequently, the actual field corrosion logging data or the laboratory corrosion tests can be tied in for the model calibration. Moreover, the tool can add more corrosion simulation software with additional effort. However, the main users are still improving the tool performance throughout the real use cases.

This RPA engine will change the world of routine corrosion simulation and monitoring. Also, it can be supplied to any routine engineering simulations. For this project, the well will be produced safely with close monitoring of corrosion and an alarm system.

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