To ensure all wells are in good and safe condition and can be operated as designed, the well integrity of individual wells must be maintained. However, lack of utilization and analysis of the well integrity status in brownfields with lots of qualitative data, the different well integrity standards, especially in newly acquired assets with unconsolidated well integrity database, and limited resources. The Well Integrity Management project was then proposed, and the Visualization Management Platform (VMP) was created.

The VMP will centralize the well integrity database for all operating assets, develop a "Well Failure Model" for better classification of well integrity problems with the right actions to be taken, and develop a visualization of well integrity status using the business intelligent application in Power BI, for mapping well integrity status with other critical related key information i.e. production performance, remaining reserves, and integrity records. It will automatically generate a work plan based on the priority to be executed, well location distance, and weather forecast, automatically generate a work program to reduce the engineer's task, and automatically send an alert notification to the related person to prevent overdue tracking.

More than 3,000 wells have been effectively monitored and managed thru this platform with limited resources. The VMP defines and provides the operating standards and guidelines to maintain well integrity, ensuring safe well operations. The system can provide real-time monitoring for better planning and minimizing backlog, better decision making on well utilization management, set the priority for well maintenance, and create an efficient Workplan for well services working team, as well as minimize routine tasks for an engineer in issuing well integrity work program. Moreover, the system will send an auto alert to the responsible person when there is any issue about well integrity to reduce work process cycle time which will reduce the potential risks to well equipment and personnel. The system is also useful for plug and abandonment when wells have come to the end of their lives because it contains information about the history well activities and current well status. Not only do the existing operating asset get benefits from this platform but also the management and the asset team.

Digital technologies were used for real-time extracting information from several types of data formats, integrating it into the data lake in Google Cloud Platform, and demonstrating in the Business intelligent tools. This was the showcase to apply the digital tools supporting the brown field's well integrity management to improve the well assurance and make your wells safe for everyday operations.

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