Myanmar offshore is considered to be a very promising exploration and production (E&P) location for oil and gas but poses significant challenges to drilling and cementing operations. Low temperature at sea bed delays the cement compressive strength development, High pore pressure with steep gradient and low fracture pressure created a very narrow drilling margin, presence of shallow flow in riser-less section further complicated the cementing operation, low density cement with high performance is a must. With the exorbiant cost of Deepwater drilling, much needed fit for purpose cementing technology with efficient logistic support and excellence in execution became crucial.

This paper elaborates the cementing challenges at different sections of a recent deep-water well in offshore Mynamar and techniques that were planned and used to address those challenges. This paper will describe in detail the cementing method, how it fit the well situation, how the cement slurry was designed then evaluated and how the logistic support and execution were carried out, resulting in a resounding success.

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