MPD (Managed Pressure Drilling) is an important technique for challenging drilling operations especially in narrow operational windows. This paper is to introduce the IPC (Intelligent Pressure Control) system with super compact footprint, unique algorithm and IoT (Internet of Things) feature which bring operator a fresh understanding of MPD operation.

IPC system is equipped with the ultra-compact MPD manifold (L11.75ft × W7.50ft × H9.08ft) with complete functionality of measurement & automatic control, benefit the operators on footprint reducing for limited field space. With the unique algorithm integrated in iPWD (Intellegent Pressure While Drilling) module, the real time downhole pressure data could be generated without any downhole PWD (Pressure While Drilling) sensor, the deviation between iPWD data and real PWD data is within 3%, which was proven in field operations. NEBULA system is an add-on feature for IPC system, using cloud and IoT technologies, it could track the equipment’s specific location, working status and parameters, providing statistical diagnosis based on data collected from field operations, which helps operators to make decisions quickly. The data uploaded to cloud could generate different reports based on end user’s requirements to analyze drilling operation challenges or difficulties. You can receive all data provided by NEBULA system on your cellphone and PC (Personal Computer) at any time anywhere.

The compact design of IPC system manifold benefit the operator by minimizing the footprint in limited field space especially for offshore operations; iPWD module provides full time data during drilling operation regardless of connection or any pump off scenarios; also erases the need of PWD sensor on BHA(Bottom Hole Assembly). NEBULA system featured on IPC equipment generates different report based on real-time data received on site after cloud calculation and big data analysis, all data and report could be accessed via cellphone or PC at any time anywhere, which can be an upgraded intelligent features on conventional MPD technology.

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