SS Field with its longer production data now available has enabled further validation of the previous assessment (i.e. SPE-17005 by N. Noridah et all, 2013) of the reservoir needs and technology respond in this field to-date. This paper also highlights the effectiveness of the field-wide downhole flow control solution in terms of more oil and managing undesired field water-cut. It is scrutinized based on the actual field Ultimate Recovery (UR) versus the predicted recovery to further optimise recovery in infills plan.

Extensive evaluation on production performance was conducted well-by-well to engage the overall field performance. The actual production performances are clustered in the categories from the ‘underperformers’ to the excellent producers, considering the reservoir attributes such as reservoir characterization, geological understanding and contacts movement. Meanwhile, technology responds in terms of zonal control efficiency across the sandface is analyzed for improved comingled oil production multi-zones. The assessment is further applied in the infill well-creaming for the extended development plan in SS field.

The study correlates the best reservoir attributes to the technology respond in order to maximize future infill recovery in ensuring fit-for-purpose implementation. Years of production experience have demonstrated a consistently better recovery of SS field against the expected FDP. 75% of the producer meet the FDP production target which contributes towards overall field > 25% EUR despite only near the half of the production life (~20 years).

SS Field is the first pilot PETRONAS field applying field-wide downhole flow control (12 wells) and intelligent Completions (2 wells). An integrated evaluation of the production performance in this field with subsurface understanding is paramount for technology replication. It is a case study that serves as a benchmark for development decision in other fields with similar reservoir characteristics. It also serves as best-practices and lesson-learnt to provide a better insight of a downhole flow control solution efficiency in the late-production strategy of suppressing water for further production enhancement via EOR / infills.

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