Operators and service companies alike gain from improvements in efficiency. However, many organizations fail to look beyond technology and in depth at all the minute processes that become part of drilling a well. Delving in to these processes, applying area appropriate technology and putting the right people in place to execute the workflow is not enough. Synergy between all three needs to take place.

This paper illustrates through examples and figures, how an integrated approach to engineering and operations focused on the incorporation of field appropriate processes, people and technology for a given area will lead to increased efficiency in drilling operations and improved HSE performance. Specifically, in Southern Iraq. The paper will focus on three areas.

First, people and process, what the proper level of expertise is and what continuous improvement processes were these people trained to use in the field and in the office? Even with the drive to mechanization and automation the drilling industry is currently heavily reliant on people and their input. People are unpredictable, putting the proper processes and workflows in place introduces some predictability and consistency to well delivery. Keeping these processes focused and minimized allows creative problem solving to still be of value.

Second, technology and process, the upstream oil and gas industry has been historically resistant to technology chances, but eventually adopting relevant technologies after an extended trial period. Using a defined process to evaluate technology (both software and tools) allowed this team to select area appropriate technology from the vast array of new technology available. On the other hand, there were times when legacy technology was best suited to the application in this field.

Last, integration processes, how was the above brought to bear on a project in South Iraq and how was it all blended together in such a manner as to produce a net ~40% improvement in overall well times? How should managers and team members treat integration? Where and when does the value of integrated processes begin to take effect?

This paper will discuss the methods used, the technology implemented, the processes designed to manage performance, and the results on the project will be laid out in further detail.

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