Water-based drilling fluids are the most commonly used of the mud systems. High Temperature and Foam Free Water Based Drilling Fluids has been designed for controlling the rheological and filtration and foam properties of water based drilling mud under down-hole conditions.

This unique drilling fluids system has been developed to improve water based drilling operation's speed and save the drilling cost while reducing their environmental impact for rheology and filtration control at high temperatures. Specially-formulated fluid has good lubricity and low toxicity, and at the same time do not create significant foam and corrosion in during drilling operation. This drilling fluids system's unique chemical structure enables this system to provide multifunctional properties such as surface tension reduction, foam control, and viscosity stabilization, HPHT fluid loss controller.

This new drilling fluids system is formulated by using special HPHT synthetic polymers and specialty additives to reduce HPHT fluid loss of the system and provide maximum shale inhibition in HPHT wells, limitation of foam, and increasing ROP. This system significantly reduced the degradation of polymers and fluid loss additives in WBMs up to 375 °F and increase the rheological and filtration stability to improve the thermal stability in higher temperature environments. Experimental results from the performance of this product have been acceptable in down-hole conditions. This also reduces cost and logistics issue especially in offshore and extend the thermal temperature limitations of standard system components, premium starch derivatives and XC polymers.

In present work, laboratory evaluation of specially-formulated fluids to enhance the properties of the HPHT water based drilling mud was investigated. We put and maintain specialty chemicals in from the beginning operation and we did not experience foaming, ever!

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