A dynamic integrated thermal and hydraulic model has been integrated into a lifecycle simulation system and utilized for a number of challenging well projects (HPHT, MPD and DGD projects). The model allows for single phase and multiphase modelling and thus also well control modelling.

The model has been utilized in planning, training and also during real time operations for decision support.

A sophisticated user interface including 3D Visualization of the well has been developed. This has been used to update the risk picture in real time, and communicate this to involved parties.

The same advanced model has been built into a planning system; a downhole training simulator and a real time system.

The real time model can be used in either a control mode or a supervisory mode. In the control mode the real time model has been used for maintaining constant bottomhole pressure with automatic choke control.

During operation a real-time link was established with the rig, and WITSML data in addition to all well, fluid and string data was streamed into a dynamic, real-time simulation system. This simulation system provided the following; i) RT dynamic modelling of the pressure (ECD) and temperature profile in the wellbore; the cuttings distribution and its effects on the ECD; ii) Automatic look-ahead simulations of ECD and temperatures on the fly; iii) RT profiles of simulated versus measured pressure at the PWD, and simulated versus measured standpipe pressure; and iv) RT dynamically updated 3D Visualization of the downhole wellbore with a continuously updated risk picture made available for the drilling teams.

This paper will present the model and results of its use in HPHT, MPD and DGD projects.

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