With the surmounting call of cost cutting measures within the oil and gas industry, it is of paramount importance to examine and evaluate the drilling activities during the course of the application of Managed Pressure Drilling (MPD) technique for High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells globally. The cost reduction has also affected wells drilled in Vietnam.

One common discussion amongst operators to decide on MPD system installation for a drilling campaign is the significant upfront cost associated with the technology. However, through detailed cost benefit analysis and carefully examining the previous lessons learned and extract the best practices in order to apply it for future wells; the benefits in operational safety, drilling optimization, NPT reduction through the use of MPD, significantly outweigh its cost.

The paper will discuss the lessons learned, best practices and experience of MPD technology based on HPHT wells drilled in Vietnam.

Specifically, it will examine what went well on the following:

  • Preparations for MPD in a HPHT environment

  • MPD equipment requirement and design for the specific MPD application

  • Rigging up

  • MPD equipment

  • Selection of sealing element for HPHT wells

  • HPHT drilling with MPD

  • Pumping out of hole vs. pulling out of hole with surface back pressure (SBP)

  • Well control scenario when drill String is out of hole

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