This paper portrays the advantages of utilising an 18-month "Fast-track" or Accelerated Assistant Drilling's Program for young people new to the Industry employed by a major drilling company in South East Asia.

The challenge was to educate young people of different backgrounds, nationalities (Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian and Bruneian) whose practical and theoretical skill capabilities and language abilities in Tender Assist Drilling who have never come across such equipment before so that they clearly understood the design and functionality of their equipment on-board their specific rig.

Given that Drilling is not an easy subject for people to understand (especially those who are new to the Industry) the task of writing material especially suited for such people is not as easy as it may seem, since the bulk of material available on the subject is at too high and too complex a level. Also, there are very few books written specifically on the subject of Tender Assist Drilling as there are several units, which have to be addressed: – 1) The Tender and Anchor Winches; 2) The Umbilicals and Lines and 3) The Drilling Equipment Set mounted on the platform.

An 18-month E-Learning, Offshore and Classroom Training Program was considered the ideal solution for this training since, through being bespoke, it could be clearly and unambiguously written. It could also dove-tail perfectly with the new IADC "Wellsharp" and IWCF well control training programs and the OGP Report No.476, which recommends certain enhancements to well control training.

That every trainee scored high marks in the various sections both onshore and offshore is testimony to the fact that such a program is indeed the perfect training aide for young people coming into the industry for the first time. As a result, it is seen as an ideal cost-effective method for future training courses.

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