Petroliam Nasional Berhad (PETRONAS) has long realized the importance of real-time drilling data. The company utilizes the technology to monitor rig site operations. An in-house real-time surveillance-monitoring centre, called the Smart Drilling Optimization Monitoring Centre (Smart DOMC), was established in 2010 within the company’s headquarters. The centre’s real-time environment was fully managed by a single service-company: data aggregated on the rig site was kept in the service company’s server, in the service company’s proprietary format, and only accessible to the drilling engineering team via the service company’s web-based application. This approach forced PETRONAS to be wholly reliant on the service-company’s own technical application and service, with no ownership or control of (the company’s) real-time data architectures, and only nominal visibility of dataflow and management.

In line with the company’s Integrated Operations (IO) initiative and driven by the company’s increasing amount of operations, the availability of a standardized independent real-time data management infrastructure became a critical component in order to facilitate seamless flow of real-time technical data transparently throughout the organization, particularly within the Smart DOMC and the operation team’s disbursed workplaces.

Thus, in 2014, the Real Time Well Solution was implemented. The new solution is an enterprise real-time data management solution with web-based delivery, which leverages the Wellsite Information Transfer Standard Markup Language (WITSML) as the standard format for the exchange of data. It is a secure infrastructure wholly resident within PETRONAS IT environment, which consists of clustered database servers with load balancing and failover backup servers ensuring high-availability, and capable of facilitating the flow of real-time drilling data from multiple rig sites, for the company’s domestic and international operations. It offers advanced customizable web-based features for domain experts to view real-time drilling data, through the standard web-browser and mobile devices.

This paper will describe PETRONAS Real Time Well Solution and the three main challenges faced in implementing the new solution. Four case histories detailing the utilization of the WITSML infrastructure during critical well construction operations will also be reviewed. With the new System, PETRONAS is able to implement industry-accepted and non-proprietary standard in accessing real-time information, take immediate ownership and better control of data aggregated on rig sites, and integrate real-time information with existing corporate third-party applications.

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