An Advanced Drilling Simulation and Engineering Center has been established in Tianjin in China. This center has been set up with simulation systems for the whole life cycle of well construction; from planning to training to operation / Real Time and to Post-analysis.

A comprehensive integrated downhole and topside training simulator enables training the crews on a true representation of the real well to be drilled. This behaves like a "Drilling Flight Simulator", and expected problems downhole can be trained on.

Furthermore, the center incorporates an advanced planning system with dynamic models for drilling, cementing, displacements and other well related hydraulics as well as multi-phase flows during well control. Also a state-of-the-art drill string and torque & drag model is included.

A Real-Time simulation and decision support module provides support during drilling. The drilling simulation is driven by real time data from the ongoing operation itself, and includes a 3D visualization of the downhole drilling in a "virtual well". Automatic look-ahead simulations of ECD and temperatures was performed with the calibrated models on the fly as support for decisions.

A unique feature of the Simulation Applications is that the modelling basis and simulation models are the same for planning, for training, for Real Time and for Post-analysis. These are advanced transient state-of-the-art models which have been verified versus numerous well types (HPHT, DW, MPD etc).

In preparation, an advanced training session was performed using a dynamic downhole training simulator linked to a topside rig simulator, for training of the drilling teams. Prior to operation data transfer was established so that during the operation simulations was performed in real time using the ongoing operational parameters as input.

This paper will first present the Advanced Drilling Simulation and Engineering Center, then elaborate on the use of this in the planning phase, the training phase and the operational phase in well cases in the South China Sea. Experiences from this will be presented, and learnings for future operations will be discussed.

Applications of unique technologies contributed to safer and more cost-effective drilling.

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