Since 2010, Samarang Alliance, a partnership between Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and Schlumberger SPM, has been redeveloping the offshore Samarang oil field. The objective of the Alliance is to maximize asset value through implementation of technology, processes and practices that enable infill drilling, reservoir management, EOR, Integrated Operations (IO) and production enhancement activities.

One of the focus areas upon resource extraction initiatives of Samarang Alliance is through rigless intervention activities for production enhancement. The dynamics of Production Enhancement (PE) portfolio in Samarang requires the use of engineering and statistical tools to track their efficiency to be able to channel and strategize resources aiming for the highest return on investment (ROI).

The Samarang Well Intervention Performance Evaluation (WIPE) methodology enables the user to assess the profitability of a given well intervention activity over time. Productive layers, time and job type are plotted which helps to triangulate the best avenues for investment. Incremental production is specifically calculated for different time-lines. "Budget Cycle" (Calendar year) to evaluate the efficacy of the current year planned work budget. "PE Cycle" when referring to the duration encompassing one year (12 months) to compare similar PEs irrespective of the month of execution. "PE Life" for the entire duration that the well production will be impacted by the PE. Additionally the calculation of Unit Enhancement Cost (UEC) for the different time-lines is considered, which provides a numerical estimate of the economic value of each PE.

Superimposed with intervention history and reserve estimation, WIPE plots enables the user to find a specific profitable intervention solution to declining production. The "Opportunity Cost" can be calculated to a degree of high accuracy which supports the selection of new candidates and fulfills the requirements of a Signature Field like Samarang. Supported on available medium like Microsoft Excel, this powerful tool improves the decision making and planning processes for Brown Field redevelopment.

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