Since 2010, Samarang Alliance, a partnership between Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd and Schlumberger SPM, has been redeveloping the Samarang field (offshore). The objective of the Alliance is to maximize asset value through implementation of technology, processes and practices that enable infill drilling, reservoir management, EOR, Integrated Operations (IO) and production enhancement activities (PE).

Since the beginning of this partnership, the number and complexity of production enhancement initiatives via well intervention has increased greatly. As expected in an aging asset, the well integrity condition is a fundamental piece of information to achieve operational success and consequently incremental oil. The well intervention activities scope range from routing surveys to complex pumping operations.

As part of execution preparation and planning, all production enhancement initiatives (in active and/or idle wells) must have tubing and well integrity checks as early as possible. The loss of downhole tubing/well integrity is one of the biggest and most common challenges faced during the preparation and execution of the PE jobs. In those cases where there are severe tubing integrity problems, well activities can either be cancelled or classified to be performed using costly workover operation, and in the worst case overlooking those issues lead to failures in planning and execution, followed by sunk cost or losing a well.

The Samarang detection techniques portfolio currently consists of surveillance techniques such as pressure monitoring using surface and downhole pressure gauges and manual sampling with subsequent lab tests, Slickline interventions such as running Flowing Gradient Survey (FGS), Multifinger Imaging tool, Leak/Flow point tool (a combination of Pressure, Temperature and Acoustic gauges), Ponytail tool, and setting mechanical barriers (plug) with subsequent inflow tests, E-line or digital slick line conveyed Optical Cable, Wireline leak detector (WLD) and Water Flow Log, Surface testing tools such as pumping equipment to facilitate Tubing/Casing Integrity Tests.

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