Stuck wellhead gate valve at surface offers and demand an extreme well integrity operation. Subsequently; well intervention operation needs more attention and might become more complex using conventional milling techniques. Conventional milling techniques have also fail to meet required well control or found to be lengthy and costly operation.

The world's first novel gate valve milling operation using e-line has been performed safely and successfully in Saudi Arabia. Saudi Aramco; land based oil producer well; located in Southern Area of the Ghawar field; was shut-in due to malfunction of Tubing Master Valve (TMV) on closed position for Signal Stack-Up X-Tree. 3,000 BOPD and well accessibility were locked with expected 1,600 psig as shut-in wellhead pressure underneath the stuck valve gate is the case.

The objective of this paper is to provide a safer and faster operation solution for milling gate valve that would adhere to the operator's well integrity safely and well control polices. This paper will describe detailed job design, operational steps of this novel milling operation, and other technical considerations that resulted in the successful execution of challenging operation.

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