During 2013 Chevron Thailand has gone through a large scale rig transition, bringing five new build rigs (three jackups and two tender assisted rigs) into our operation and releasing four aging rigs. Significant challenges were to maintain world class safety performance through the transition while also maintaining drilling efficiency. During 2014 one more new build rig has been delivered.

This paper describes how the rig transition was managed to ensure the delivery of drill-ready rigs and incident free startup of drilling operations. Main focus is placed on the tools, processes and procedures developed and applied for the first 90 days of operation. Key elements being:

  • Combined contractor and operator lead pre-startup safety engagements

  • Crew transition, management of short service employees and on the job crew training

  • Methodology and tools applied for repeated assessment of crew safety culture, well control competency, fluency in safety management system, stop work authority, operator's tenets of operation and continual improvement process

  • How these results were applied to track progress and determine rig readiness for operations, offline activity and simultaneous operations

The paper also presents the new build project management and integrated rig acceptance testing as well as the main elements of the rig demobilization plan.

The intent of this paper is to share best practices and lessons applicable for operators and contractors starting operations on a new build drilling rig.

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