Glass plugs technology was initially installed on Skarv field in Norwegian Continental Shelf. In partnership with technology provider, the new concept of completion barrier plugs was dynamically implemented. Its purpose was to close the lower formations of reservoir until the time the well was ready to proceed with production from those zones. The early years showed that even if this technology is forward-looking, the risk of failure and intervention still exists.

According to the operator's data three out of ten wells demanded the emergency glass plug opening and in the rest of cases the small complications occurred. Emergency breaking of the glass plug involves renting a unit and running the wireline with a tractor. It is an additional cost that can be optimized by understanding the challenge and proposing the accurate approach. Base of this research is the analysis of failure cases, activities that have been taken up by an operator and final outcomes from the operations. It is supplemented by the analysis of the optimal intervention concept according to economic calculations and market availability. The aim of the research is to transfer the knowledge acquired from failure cases into the recommendation for running such interventions and provide criteria for the final assessment of available solutions.

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