Multistage hydraulic fracturing is an unconventional system of accessing tight, hydrocarbon-bearing shale basins, which has become one of the most effective approaches to satisfy ever increasing energy demands. When utilizing the latest technology developments, these multistage fracturing systems are able to treat over 40 stages. This is made possible by the application of a ball-seat system that utilizes one tripping ball per stage to actuate a sleeve, and expose ports to deliver the fracturing treatment. A new frac sleeve with high-impacting telescoping ports (HITP) and the capability of multiple injection points per stage has been developed. The HITP impact the formation at 3,000 psi before delivering the fracture treatment and the ball seats enables one tripping ball to open up to five sleeves in one stage and fracture all sleeves at the same time. Advancement in technology has led to the development of High-Strength Disintegrating Materials (HSDM) which have been successfully used and commercialized in the form of disintegrating frac balls. This paper will explore the experimentation of combining these new technologies.

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