This paper presents learnings and experiences gained in incident prevention within a Goal Zero framework where no one dies, no one gets hurt, and no leak to environment. Key HSE processes deployed that underpin sustained safety performance in SPDC Wells operations are highlighted in this paper for learning.

The ramp-up of rigs from two to eight in 2011, in an environment with restricted opportunity of optimally attracting skilled-labour from pool of global workforce due to operating environment, was a cause for concern.

Nigerian Content Development (NCD) regulations which mandated the use of contractors and employees from local communities, created a pool of first timers mainly Nigerians and Asian entrants. Work locations and terrains were difficult for rig moves involving narrow, poorly built/maintained roads, bridges, overhead cables, communities and meandering through unmaintained snaky creeks. Overall, the poor safety performance at that time could be attributed to above.

SPDC Drilling team operated for three (3) calendar years without lost time injury (LTI), without leaks to the environment, sustained strong focus on Wells Process Safety and BSi ISO14001 & 14064 certification. Example, five contractors moved from Amber rated (i.e. weaknesses in safety management) to Green (strong safety management).

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