Cuu Long basin is the major hydrocarbon producing basin in Vietnam with several discoveries of oil and gas in both Oligocene-Miocene and fractured basement reservoir such as H, D, A and R field in 1990s. Overall, the geological characterization to apply the well completions in the area is not too complex. However, as operation and production have caused damage, especially, the migration of reservoir sand and fines into wellbore, water breakthrough, and paraffin deposition which might shorten lifetime of wells, increase operating costs and might decrease well profitability.

The purpose of this paper will review, discuss and evaluate the well completion technologies current application in the Cuu Long basin, the methodology starts with approximately 350 wells on a total of more than 430 production and injection wells are collected. Then, the focus on case by case of the field studies cover completion design, well performance evaluation, completion improvement, completion failure diagnostics, and so on. Finally, the main target for this study is to share some lessons learned and experiences gained from the past more than 20 historical years a worthy case study for both current and future development of the fields not only in the Cuu Long basin but also in the continental shelf of Vietnam and the world.

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