Reservoir pressure and temperature measurements have become the cornerstone of reservoir and production management. These measurements provide improved capabilities for understanding of oil and gas reservoir characteristics, which enables greater reservoir management for increased production and improved ultimate recovery.

The reliability and accuracy of permanent downhole pressure and temperature technologies is therefore of the highest priority when planning field developments, be it green fields, brown fields, marginal fields or EOR projects. A long term Permanent Downhole Gauge and Fiber Optic monitoring contract was awarded in August 2010 with the intent to provide reservoir monitoring with the highest reliability and accuracy that was available. Since the award of the contract, the world-class milestone of 50 installations was achieved in August 2013. This milestone was enhanced by the fact that, an amazing success rate of 100% was realized.

As of June 2014, the number of installations has increased to more than 80 gauges while maintaining the 100% success. This has provided increased confidence for the operator to expand deployment of permanent downhole gauges to higher pressure and temperature environment.

This success story has been achieved by a combination of many factors, from the strong validation process for gauge selection and subsequent choice of world class technologies with the highest survivability in the oil industry, close collaboration between the project and operations teams of the oil company and service provider, project management expertise, detailed preparation and maintenance, to the philosophy of providing real time data delivery to the end user.

This paper provides an update of the remarkable success story including the technologies installed, the progression into increasingly higher pressure and temperature environments, and examples of the benefits observed from the access to reliable and accurate downhole pressure and temperature information.

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