In Daqing Oil Field of China, to solve the problem of low drilling rate, high friction drag, complex accidents(such as pipe sticking) and long non-penetration time, a nanoscale emulsion lubricating material has been developed. Its nanoscale particles can adhere to the wall and the string directionally and then form the dense lubricant film and protective film. It can improve the lubricity, make wall wettability reversal, inhibit the clay swelling, plug the micro-fracture and stabilize the wall.

In the process of application in 60 wells in Daqing Oil Field of China, this material solved the problems of high friction drag in drilling operation, reduced the non-penetration time due to moving drilling tools caused by high friction drag, decreased the pipe-sticking risk and complex accident rate, improved the drilling rate. The average drilling cycle is reduced by three to five days in shallow horizontal wells. It can avoid complex accidents (hole collapse, pipe sticking, etc), ensure the operation successful and increase the drilling rate obviously in deep horizontal wells.

It can improve the lubricity and inhibitive ability of drilling fluid and replace the mineral oil, reduce the circulation time of geologic control, increase the drill-meeting rate of oil sandstone and is favor of discovery of reservoir.

It solved the problem of low drilling rate, high backing pressure and high complex accident rate, decreased environment pollution, ensured the hole stability and can be popularized in unconventional wells, including horizontal wells, directional wells, etc.

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