This paper describes the effect of this technology on perforation and production increase mainly in three aspects, namely, the principle, technical characteristics and application. Field application in over 200 wells has demonstrated that multistage pulse deep perforating penetration technology is a safe and reliable perforating technology, for its utilization in an oil production well can improve the capacity, and in an exploration well can reduce leakage in the oil layer. This technology is a new perforating technology in the 21th century, which has overcomed the shortcomings of combined perforating technology and the deep- penetration jet perforating technology respectively featured by a low gunpowder load and single increase of penetration depth. It is a rational combination of jet perforating and gunpowder fracturing, with which three processes including jet perforating and two gunpowder fracturing operations can be accomplished in one running. Thus the compaction zone in the perforation channel will be crushed, and several radial and vertical cracks will be formulated around the hole to communicate natural cracks in the formation. Then the target of deep penetration into the damaged zone in near wellbore formation and improved flow conductivity of near wellbore formation will be realized and eventually the oil well capacity will be promoted. This paper is to introduce a new perforating technology, namely, the multistage pulse deep perforating penetration technology.

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