With indepth development of each oil field, the demand for well types with special structures takes a trend of gradual rise. This kind of wells are generally complicated in well conditions, thus the requirements for tool performance are high, and the application scope of corresponding support measures shall be expanded. Besides, risks could increase if mechanic sand control technology is adopted and the solution in later stage will be difficult. The new type clean sand consolidation technology has solved the problems which may occur when with traditional sand consolidation technology and products, such as uneven cementation in sand consolidation, severe damage to formation porosity and permeability, low consolidation strength, etc. This paper describes the principle of clean sand consolidation technology and lab study of auxiliary fluid system, especially the principle of pore increasing before consolidation; while also discussing application scope and application prospect of the clean sand consolidation technology by presenting Well NP23-x2219 as an example.

So far, the clean sand consolidation technology has been successfully applied for 18 wells in domestic oil fields. The operation success rate is 100% and the effective rate reaches 94.4%.

The technology not only meets the demand of sand consolidation for initial sand consolidation for oil wells and water wells, but also has an excellent effect on tackling the problems concerning large production pressure difference, heavy oil, sand sticking or burying oil layer with fine siltstones in middle or later stage, which is applicable for multilayer sand control in long well section.

The clean sand consolidation technology employs the philosophy of safety and environmental protection, with extremely small damage to the formation, surface equipment and personnel, which has explored a new thought for development of chemical sand control technology in future.

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