Traditional anti-high temperature, anti-high pressure, anti-high gypsum salt drilling fluid has many technical problems such as difficult rheology control, low solid content capacity, poor pollution resistance ability and large dosage of various additives. As a result, a new "anti-three high" drilling fluid has been developed together with the key additives including complex organic salt (BZ-WYJ-I, II, III), filtration reducer with gypsum salt resistance and high temperature resistance ability(BZ-Redu-I,II,III), anti-gypsum salt viscosifier(BZ-VIS), inhibitive anti-caving agent(BZ-YFT) and inhibitive lubricant(BZ-YRH). The formula of the system is not complicated and easy for treatment. Besides, the system has the features of strong inhibition, 220°C temperature resistance, maximum density up to 2.6g/cm3, saturated gypsum salt resistance and gypsum insolubilization. It has been applied in 23 wells in Tarim oilfield, HuaBei oilfield in China, Madura block in Indonesia, Halfaya block in Iraq with the maximum density of the application wells up to 2.41g/cm3 and the highest temperature up to 206°C. The site application effect is remarkable since the technical problems such as caving, tight hole, gypsum salt pollution, thermal stability in high temperature have been effectively solved without incidents or discharge.

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