According to the requirements of Group Corporation, a gas storage will be built in LiaoHe oilfield. There are two technical challenges for converting underground gas storage in complex fault-block reservoir: First, eastern rift basin forms a complex broken structure with reservoir deposited by complex continental rivers, therefore, it is very difficult to build the stock; Second, The gas storage well cementing technology in LiaoHe oil region is not perfect. In the face of these challenges, the measures include collaborating with construction side to complete gas storage evaluation design and operation technology, collaborating with professional oil companies, using horizontal wells, branching wells drilling and completion technology to complete gas storage drilling.

Gas storage drilling problems are that cementing quality should meet the gas storage's need for 50 years’ high-intensity injection and that there are difficulties in ensuring the integrity of the wellbore and the perfection of the gas sealing. Guantao and the upper Stratum in LiaoHe oil region is easy to leak and collapse, therefore, there is a greater well control risk.

Research for above problems contains excellent and fast drilling technology in two steps, long horizontal section of horizontal well, cementing techniques in long sealing segment and low layer.

In order to fully promote the application of gas storage well drilling and completion technology and improve overall economic efficiency, three gas storage wells have been completed in LiaoHe oil region in 2010 (one plugged well, two information wells). To meet the construction needs of gas storage wells in LiaoHe oil region, a set of relatively mature gas storage well supporting technology is formed to comprehensively improve drilling speed of gas storage wells through the research of gas storage horizontal well drilling and completion technology

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