Nearly a hundred million tons of reserve was found in Jilin Daqingzi oilfield, dominated in lithologic deposit of multiple fault blocks of delta front. Many layers were characterized with features as below, fractured reservoir, sensitive formation with high shale content, different main layers in different blocks, low permeability, thin layers and sheds which were less than 2 meters thick. Aiming at the characteristics of layers above, this paper presents Integrated Fracturing Technology for Unit(I.F.T.U) which has been researched, developed and proved to be effective during production.The thought of this technology was founded on the basis of adequately knowing about geologic tectonic situation and layers. The units were plotted out according to the layers characteristics, to achieve optimized fractures matching with the well patterns and reservoirs based on the injection wells, in order to build up maximum effective injection recovery relationship. A series of assorted technologies have been researched, such as Finite Element Method to optimize fracturing design, fracture azimuth measurement of the thin layers in complex fault blocks, researching how layers extend vertically, low damage fracturing fluids, and the method of enhancing the flow ability in fractured thin layers.

Integrated Fracturing Technology for Unit has been applied for more than 1000 layers in Daqingzi oilfield since 2006, 42.85 million tons of low permeability reserves were developed.0.99 million tons deliverability has been set up.Annual production has reached 1.0 million tons.

This novel technology realized that thin lithologic layers which were less than 2 meters were developed effectively.

Integrated Fracturing Technology for Unit presented in this paper provides reference for the development of such thin and low permeability layers as Daqingzi oilfield.

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