Smart packer is a kind of intelligent chemical colloid which can be used in underbalanced completion. Smart packer is pumped into wellbore before gelatinization; once gelatinized, oil and gas plugging and strings penetration can be achieved. When completion operation finished, dispergation and liquefaction of smart packer can be realized.

Smart packer bears remarkable superiorities: firstly, it is cost-saving, compared with imported mechanical devices, the cost of smart packer is 1800000 Yuan lower, and its cost is only one third of that of domestic tools. Secondly, the application of smart packer is very flexible; as long as smart packer is used during the process of underbalanced drilling when there is showing of oil and gas, the investment risk of drilling will be reduced. Thirdly, compared with conventional equipment, smart packer has a much wider range of running depth. Fourthly, once failed, there is room of technical remedy and the operation can be done once again.

Presently, smart packer technology has been applied to field application. Among the applied wells, there are oil and gas wells, vertical and horizontal wells. The types of underbalanced completion including hanger screen pipe completion and open hole completion. The deepest working depth of smart packer is 3000m, the maximum formation pressure coefficient of applied wells is 1.33.

Smart packer technology has firstly been applied to Well Ya940, the production of single well is 2 to 3 times of the average production of adjacent wells; not only the underbalanced completion has been achieved, but also a heavy oil reservoir with a reserves of 10500000 tons has been discovered for the first time.

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