Arum River Basin is a large scale sedimentary basin lying in the southeast of Tejen platform. Amu Darya right bank is situtated between Amu Darya and the border of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. There are several difficult problems in the drilling of this area: overpressured gas reservoir, shallow secondary gas pool with ultra-high pressure, high pressured saltwater layer and high tempreture of bottom hole and so on. So the success rate of the more than 200 wells drilled by the oil companies of Former Soviet Union and Turkmenistan is less than 30%.

We solved these problems by optimizing borehole structure, optimizing drilling fluid system and strenthenning the system of well control etc. Up to 2010, more than 50 wells were drilled successfully in this area. The success rate is 100%. It is a great break in the drilling of Amu Darya right bank area.

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