Hydraulic fracturing is a fissured tight gas productive completion technique in KuqaHPHT fieldin Western China, the gas zone is buried in deeper earth's crust in thatsand fracruring has been fored to deal with hotter tempetures, higher pressures and higherstess. During past decades, the fracturing stimulations underulta-deep high tempeture high pressure and high stess have been performed for higher yieldsin Kuqagasfield.

This paper provides a brief developed histotyof Kuqa and the characteristics of formations, such as Jura AH sandstones, Paleogene SWY sandstones and Cretaceous BSJQK sandstones.In major, this paper introduces the techniques and experiments necessary for the treatment of adding sand fracture stimulation, including rock mechanical laborary tests and stress porfiles, weighted fluids and their performances, resin coated proppanttests, and minifracdiagnotics that are performed to help designer an effective approach for fissured high stress hydraulic fracturing.In addition,frac string,140MPa fracturing equipment and 140MPa well head, which are the countermeasures of high treatment pressure, are discussed in this paper. Fianl, twofield examples of proppant fracturing treatments are included, andthe deepest fracturing reservoir is neighborto 7000m, thecontinuoushigh surface pressure is over 120MPa.

The production of fracturing wells is excited in the fissured high stress tight gasfieldof Kuqa. Many components of this paper may be helpful for those preparing for a HPHT high stress treatment.

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