In view of low possibility across fractures, low controlled reserve for a single well, fast production decline, poor development performance for conventional horizontal well and directional well in the liaohe buried-hill migmatitic granite reservoir with characteristics of deep buried-depth, hard rock formation, fractured low porous and permeability, optimization deployment of variety of multilateral wells increases effective footage in pay zone and achieves better development performance by the spatial distribution of several lateral boreholes in a single well. Many challenges such as casing cutting, suspended sidetrack drilling in open hole and retrieving whipstock in this formation are solved, and that delivers records of window opening at the formation in scale of hardness 8, deepest window depth of 3523m. As of today, 40 multilateral wells have been completed with effect improved 3 times as offset vertical wells, 1.5 times as horizontal well. It becomes an approach to develop such reservoirs due to huge economical benefits.

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