Weiyuan&Changning marine shale reservoirs in Sichuan Basin have been included in the first national shale development industries demonstration area. This paper based on the premise of the pre-vertical well fracturing reconstruction of the demonstration area, learning the experience of the similar shale reservoir horizontal staged fracturing in the North American, and combining with the characteristic of shale formation in the demonstration area, we carried out the analysis of rock mechanics and developed the optimization and evaluation of the fracturing fluid system, and completed the staged fracturing design of the first shale horizontal W1 well, then successful carried into execution in situ. By the evaluation of staged fracturing technology and the analysis of the effect after fracturing, we summed up the adaptability of the North American shale staged fracturing technology used in the demonstration area, and some problems have been shown up in the horizontal staged fracturing in the Weiyuan shale reservoir of Sichuan Basin due to its own characteristics. This paper provides an overview of the completion and stimulation of the first shale horizontal well, describes the lessons learned along the way, and discusses the implications for the future Weiyuan shale gas horizontal well development.

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