Liaohe oilfield has come to its late-mid exploitation period after 40 years’ exploration and development, tapping potentialities for more benefits and enhancing oil recovery have been emphasized in oilfield exploration. Sidetrack horizontal well technology has advantages of sidetrack well and horizontal well, and now it has become an important technique for oilfield to tap potentialities for more benefits. The development of sidetrack horizontal well technology has been restricted because of small annulus, complex well track, difficulties of tripping in casing pipe and bad cementing quality, in order to solve these problem, reaming technology has been used to enlarge open well diameter of sidetrack horizontal well by gWdC.

So far, GWDC has finished reaming process for about 800 wells, including 15 wells of sidetrack horizontal well. Open well diameter was enlarged after reaming, thus tail pipe can be tripped in smoothly without block, the strength of cement sheath and cement quality improved, oil well life prolonged and drilling cost saved obviously.

Reaming technology has facilitated sidetrack horizontal well technology to large-scale application, and provided forceful technical guarantee for dependable crop and synergy of oilfields.

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