Multiple new technologies of stimulations have been successfully developed and used in domestic low permeability reservoirs over the last few years. A new staged fracturing technique with bottom annular packer on coiled tubing (CT) has been extensively used in the fields of Sichuan. This process employs a new bottomhole tool assembly (BHA) on the CT, which offers the opportunity to achieve hydro-jet perforating, annular packing and fracturing multiple pay zones with a single entry of the CT string. This technique has proven effective in stimulating thin interbedded reservoirs individually to open pay zones and improve gas production optimally. Following the final CT stimulating stage, the well is cleaned out and for subsequent production. This paper describes the unique features of the coiled tubing staged fracturing technology with bottom annular packer. Case studies of seven well are presented on this paper. The key procedure controls and surface process enhancements during the applications of the new CT stimulation technique will also be analyzed and summarized.

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