This paper is presented to enlighten operators and other drilling organizations in the cost-effectiveness and importance of real time data management techniques and information transfer complimenting technology in drilling operations at certain scenarios.


The techniques in this paper will increase the awareness of real time drilling efficiency and cut drilling cost. The techniques included are; continuous monitoring of real-time drilling parameters for quality and consistency, a seamless mechanism to correct inconsistencies in the data delivery, effective informational transfer and solutions delivery. Unique applications to analyze drilling with mechanical specific energy (MSE) in real-time and not just MSE, but an efficient MSE, which takes into consideration BHA specifications and theoretical down hole parameters, the use of reference channels, which is data that has been obtained from a previous offset well and training the rig crew in drilling awareness and the understanding of drilling mechanics.

Results, Observations and Conclusions

The results of this execution include quality real time data delivery, increased operational awareness, streamlined decision making, improve drilling efficiency and lower drilling costs. The observations reveal that a review of historic versus actual real time data delivery, field case study results and methodologies enacted demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of this implementation and the value to the user. The conclusions made are that quality data will allow a sufficient real time drilling monitoring system which provides effective improvements in the drilling operations results.

Significance of subject matter:

Demonstrating the importance of quality real time data for drilling optimization practices.

Present methodology and characteristics for system employed.

Provide vehicle for additional cost savings to the E&P industry.

Benefit Knowledge Transfer process by reducing inconsistencies.

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