The Barnett Shale is considered to be a prototype for other shale plays in North America and throughout the world because it was the first shale play to be developed. This paper describes production results from two horizontal wells in the Barnett Shale completed with open hole, multi-stage fracturing systems (OHMS) compared to direct offset wells with conventional cemented liner, “plug and perf” completion.

Three years of monthly and cumulative production totals are analyzed and discussed. This paper also discusses the system details, the fracture methods used, as well as the operational efficiencies of OHMS compared to other horizontal completions methods.

These results demonstrate that OHMS technology provides a long-term option for the life of wells in shale plays. The estimated ultimate recovery (EUR) values for shale gas plays has been a hotly contested issue over the past year due to observed “catastrophic” production decline curves. This paper discusses how the choice of completion method can affect EUR by analyzing long-term production data from offset wells completed by cemented liner plug and perf versus OHMS. This knowledge can be applied to any unconventional shale reservoir.

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