An advanced dynamic flow and temperature model was used to optimize and control MPD operations at Kvitebjørn. This paper describes in detail pre-simulations done to prepare for operations and develop detailed procedures, and post-analysis of real time data done to improve performance with respect to upcoming MPD operations at Kvitebjørn. The paper gives details on:

  • Pre-simulations of drilling operations including temperature effects

  • Extra offline simulations during operations

  • Post-simulations with analysis of model-data deviations

Results and observations

The paper discusses in details critical operations with main focus on sequences with multiple fluids in the well. These include setting of a balanced mud pill, tripping out and in with the pill in the hole, circulating out the pill, and cementing. Comparison with data taken when testing in cased hole is discussed, and it is described how good pressure control was obtained in real operations after having drilled into the reservoir.

Applications and conclusions

The paper gives useful input to the use of advanced dynamic models for MPD operations. It gives a good impression of current status as well as possibilities and limitations for future operations.

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