It can't be denied that oil and gas industry is very interesting business with very high risk, especially drilling both exploration and exploitation well drilling. Blowout occurred at middle of 2006 that is now still cannot be handled. It's known as Mud Eruption from X-1 well. This made a longer historical of blowout well accident in Indonesia.

Basic difference about this eruption is the blowout fluids made from hot-brine-water mixed with shale and appear in surface as hot mud. Problem to handling mud at surface and poor condition of X-1 well had causing the operation to control the blowout directly going to relief well. Relief well technology is drill new well to shut uncontrolled blowout well, which is cannot be handled just by ordinary killing and pressure control operation.

Killing blowout well through relief well, called Dynamic Killing, is to inject fluid from relief well to the blowout well, commonly water or high dense fluid, in order to make pressure at blowout well exceed formation pressure, so fluid flow will be stopped.

Blowout case in X-1 classified as underground blowout with mud as erupted fluid, then killing operation done with higher density mud. This paper will discuss about optimization and design killing operation parameters such as kill mud density, kill rate, point of injection also pipe sizing by considering pressure losses, pump capacity and killing time.

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