The drilling technology was developed to increase the drilling efficiency based on 3 basic reasons, i.e.: safety, minimum cost, and usable hole. Casing drilling is one of drilling technology which it has been applied in many oil fields in Indonesia.

The casing drilling is classified into 3 methods, i.e.: Retractable Bit, Liner Drilling, and Drilling with Casing, where each method can be applied in certain condition. Recently, the drilling technology has reached efficiency significantly, both in engineering and economical aspects, especially in the formation which is difficult to drill with conventional drilling method, for examples:

  • Abnormal/subnormal zone

  • Thief/loss zone

  • Unstable formation

Generally, the drilling efficiency can be formulated based on statistic trend from the field data. Thus, casing drilling can be developed to reach the drilling efficiency according to the field experiences.


Many methods were developed in drilling operations as an effort to increase the efficiency of drilling operation, thus it can be reached less time, minimum cost, and the best result.

One of the methods is casing drilling technology, which was considered to be solution for some drilling problems and also provide less time in drilling operation with penetrating and casing program do simultaneously in one trip, with the purposes as follow:

  • To penetrate trouble zone and running casing safely and efficiently.

  • Provide less time in drilling operations.

  • Creating good and safety well construction for exploration and production steps.

  • Minimize the cost with reducing rig downtime resulting from unexpected occurrences that generally occurred in conventional drilling operations.

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