This paper presents the development of a completion and workover riser that incorporates a modified second-generation rotary-shouldered connection (RSC). This double-shouldered connection features a high-pressure, gas tight, metal-to-metal radial seal, a secondary back-up resilient sealing barrier and additional modifications to cope with subsea conditions. The comprehensive effort to design, test and qualify the completion and workover riser for offshore conditions in Australia and Africa is detailed. Results from extensive finite element analysis, laboratory tests, manufacturing processes and field results are presented.

The results of a 15-month project are the design, testing, manufacture and deployment of a performance validated, RSC completion and workover riser system. The riser was successfully placed into service and utilized on the Enfield and Chinguetti oil, gas and water injection wells located offshore Western Australia and West Africa.

The purpose of developing the RSC completion and workover riser was to create a cost effective and efficient riser system to meet the requirements of the innovative well completion system used on the Enfield and Chinguetti wells. The gas-tight, metal-to-metal seal RSC riser is robust, easy to handle, light weight and has a smaller deck footprint than conventional dual-bore risers.

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